Upgrade Eq ke Nirvana?

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Upgrade Eq ke Nirvana?

Post  Admin on Thu 25 Nov 2010, 9:30 pm

sumber: http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=466152

Which weapon can be upgrade? ( yes / no / not sure)
TT99 gold weapons
TT99 armors
TT100 weapons(skip 1st step.which means u cant keep its stats)
Rank weapons
Rank armors
Frostcoverd weapons
Frostcoverd armors
Lunar Glaide weapons
Lunar Glaide armors
Old heaven Tears gears
Boots Helms cloaks from aniversary event

what do u mean 'upgrade'?

1st Step
your old weapon + 100 crystals = G13 ★★ gear with G15 refine bonus
your old armor + 100 crystals = G15 ★★ armor
upgrade your gear's grade lvl to 15 and upgrade its basic stat to G15
for example ★Neo Pugatory G13 atk 800-950→ ★★XXX Wand/M.sword/Pataka/Glaive G13 1058-1079.
the appearance of your weapon will change from this step.
Atually, the G15 gears are in an undependent gear system(such as old heaven tear gears), they have thier own name and appearance.
the TT and lunar gears are just considered as one of the materials to craft G15 gear. And the G15 gear has the ability to inherit all additonal stats from the material gear.

2nd Step
G13 weapon + 150 crystals = G15 weapon w/ random G15 stats
G15 armor + 150 crystals = G15 armor w/ fixed G15 stats
TT100 weapon directly to this step: TT100+ 230 crytals = G15 weapon w/ random G15 stats
now, u can get set bonus stat from your G15 armors if u have enuf amount of them.

3rd Step (circulative step)
G15 weapon from 2nd step + 7 crystals = G15 weapon w/ random G15 stats
G15 armor from 2nd step + 7 crystals = G15 armor w/ fixed G15 stats(some stats such as vit+ 6~10 will be refreshed)
From this step, u can keep refreshing some of the stats on your gear and get a random grade15 stat till it makes u content.
for example: U have chance to get 'advanced berserker' which is better than 'berserker' for your melee weapon.

And there will be a new kind of stat for G15 armor: inscrease equipment defence by %. With this stat, the G15 armor will have a bit lower basic defence , but it will effectively counteract defence decreasing debuff from skills.

What mats should i pay for the upgrade?
U need 3 kind of stuff to upgrade:
1. your old weapon
2. mats from bosses in new dungeon(2 kind of crystal: 1 for weapons 1 for amors)
3.transfer stones to keep the refine lvl and sockets(from cashshop) (this one not confirmed)

Is this new dungeon hard?
in this instant, u need too challenge 7 bosses (15 in total, first 3 bosses r fixed, then u need to challenge 4 random bosses from the rest 12).
Boss drop chest(0-1 per boss, u may get crystal, mirage, coins etc from the chest)
4-6 crystals per run on avrage for a whole pt.
Each run will take about 1-2.5 hours.
if u want to upgrade your gear to G15 final form..there will be a long loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go..

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